Serenity Equine Assisted Therapy (S.E.A.T.)

Serenity Equine Assisted Therapy is where your journey to healing begins! Whether you want to overcome shyness, gain confidence and poise or if there are more in-depth challenges you or a loved one are facing, we can help! 

Equine assisted therapies have been a quietly developing area of therapy for many years. Clients with challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and others are helped by taking part in this interesting and fun way to combine therapy with the love of horses.

Cherina Bornscheuer is our in house therapist.  She has earned her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of South Florida.   She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Cum Laude Honors from Saint Leo University as well as a specialty Diploma in Children’s Studies.

At Serenity Equine Assisted Therapy we begin by working with the horse from the ground; this can include walking the horse, body grooming, and picking out hooves. These hands-on experiences help establish a mutual trust and foundation for a relationship with the horse. We only involve our most experienced horses and everything is taken at the client’s pace.

If the client wants to learn to ride, the next steps are learning how to mount the horse, sit properly, hold the reins, and voice commands. We have found that simply sitting on a horse and walking while talking with our therapist is one of the most effective means to initiate change. There are no waiting rooms, sterile offices, or uncomfortable chairs here - just a serene, natural environment to relax and move forward in your journey.

SEAT sessions are $50 each

At this time, we are self pay or sponsorship only.